Unlimited Bandwidth

Hosting Direct wants to offer you the best bang for your buck, and just like our disc space, we want to give you all the bandwidth you need for your website and your emails. We want your visitors to continually come back to your page and check out your site, check out your videos, etc without the worry of going over any bandwidth usage. That being said, there is no bandwidth limits set on our accounts. However, keep in mind that you are on a shared server environment and there are a small percentage of websites (you know who you are!) that may have bandwidth requirements that exceed what would be determined as “typical usage”. If you believe that your site may fall into this category, feel free to contact us and we’d be more than happy to review your account and provide you with a fair price for the necessary bandwidth your site demands.

Please, bear in mind that “unlimited bandwidth” applies to typical business usage. An account that is hosting files, warez, etc. that are not directly related to your website, emails, etc, is in direct violation of our terms of use and acceptable use policy and can lead to account suspension and/or termination, without a refund. In a shared hosting environment, like this one, bandwidth, etc. can create a load on the server and hinder the performance of other websites sharing your server. If you need to host files, etc. please feel free to contact us about other options that we can make available to you.  Thank you for playing fair!


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