Running a datacenter can consume alot of power.

We currently host over 20,000 domains on our servers, which as you can imagine, can really drive up our power consumption. To minimize our impact on the planet, we have offset our electrical expenses by contracting with various “Wind Farms” that harvest pure energy with minimal impact on our environment.

Although this significantly reduces our impact on the environment, we don’t feel as this is enough, we want to truly influence ourselves as well as other companies that being eco-friendly does not mean extra expenses, and in fact it means long term savings. On top of our current contracts with energy resellers, we’ve also been able to eliminate paper waste in our offices, as well as off-set our e-waste by investing in Apple products. The machines we use in our offices are built to last 2.5 times longer than standard PCs, as well as utilizing 40% less energy while maintaining the performance that our industry demands. Everyday, we look for ways to maximize the products we provide to our customers, and in every product we produce, we also look for ways to minimize our impact on our planet.