Disc Space

Hosting Direct wants to offer you the best bang for your buck, and give you all the space you need for your website and your emails. With all of the great content management systems available out there, along with streaming video, etc. we know that the average site today is no longer just a couple of megabytes. So for as long as you have your account with us, you will have unlimited disc space.

Please, bear in mind that “unlimited disc space” applies to only files necessary for your website and emails for typical business use. An account that is hosting files that are not directly related to your website, emails, etc, is a direct violation of our terms of use and acceptable use policy and can lead to account suspension and/or termination, without a refund. In a shared hosting environment, like this one, disc space usage, etc. can create a load on the server and hinder the performance of other websites sharing your server.¬†If you need to host files, etc. please feel free to contact us about other options that we can make available to you. ¬†Thank you for playing fair!

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