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Shared SSL Certificate

Shared SSL Certificate Lite Business Standard Business Unlimited Shared SSL Included Shared SSL Included Hosting Direct enjoy keeping their customers secure, in more ways than one. Using a secure connection in your browser is a great way to confirm your connection to any script or service is secure. Hosting Direct provides you with access to the server’s shared SSL certificate at no extra cost to you. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and it is the most common method used to make sure any connection to your website is secure. This is most often used when logging into a service … Continue Reading

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DNS Lite Business Standard Business Unlimited DNS Support DNS Support Hosting Direct delivers you total domain name control. When hosting with us, you gain access to our custom-built DNS Zone File Editor. For users who need to make customizations to domain name records, our control panel provides a powerful and flexible DNS zone file editor. This is useful for things like redirecting email to third-party servers or pointing a subdomain at your home internet connection’s static IP address. We do not make you jump through customer support hoops to get a simple task like updating your DNS information!

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Cron Jobs

Cron Jobs Lite Business Standard Business Unlimited Cron Jobs Cron Jobs With the powerful Hosting Direct Cron Job editor, you can schedule tasks to run regularly at any interval, anywhere from every fifteen minutes to once a month. Cron is a simple task-scheduler that is enable across all Hosting Direct servers. In most cases, it is configured to run specific commands at scheduled times or specific intervals. Hosting Direct simplifies the process by providing you with tools in each control panel to automatically input times for a cron to be run, the specific command and an e-mail address to send … Continue Reading

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