We support renewable energy through the purchase of certified Renewable Energy Certificates from CarbonFund.


Carbonfund has worked with many small businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. The programs provide a way to reduce our environmental impact.

Carbonfund supports three types of carbon offset projects; each type plays an important role in the fight against climate change. The projects Carbonfund supports are third-party certified to meet the same high standards that thousands of companies, organizations, and governments rely on to ensure quality environmental protection.

* Renewable Energy & Methane ProjectsRenewable energy offsets support projects that help to reduce the amount of energy we need to produce from fossil fuel sources like coal and oil.

* Energy Efficiency & Carbon CreditsThe cleanest unit of energy is the unit you never use. Energy efficiency is the cheapest and fastest way to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and save money.

* Reforestation & Avoided DeforestationForest-based projects actually reduce the amount of carbon thatís in the atmosphere. These projects sequester carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and have many co-benefits for the community and local wildlife.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

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